About Us

In 2007, the Maryland Association of Social Services Boards (“MASSB”) established the MASSB Foundation in order to enable local DSS Boards to obtain tax-deductible contributions to support local DSS projects and/or to build charitable endowments to provide permanent support of there programs . There are many worthwhile social service programs that are not governmentally funded and that could benefit from personal and business donations.  This is the purpose of the MASSB Foundation.

All donations that the MASSB Foundation receives are held in trust and are credited to an internal account that the MASSB Foundation establishes in the name of the local board that originates the contribution.  Any contributions that are credited to a local board’s account will be distributed only upon that local board’s written authorization.  Presented below is information about the MASSB Foundation, along with guidelines – and form documents -- that local boards may follow if they want to initiate fundraising.

About the MASSB Foundation

  * The MASSB Foundation has received an IRS confirmation of its tax exempt status under Code Section 501(c)(3).

  * Contributions to the MASSB Foundation are tax-deductible to the full extent allowed under federal tax laws. They may be made payable to the “MASSB Foundation” or to a fund name established and approved by a local DSS Board. Anne Arundel County has, for example, established the “Anne Arundel County Family Assistance Fund”.

  * Trust assets are generally credited to a short-term (no fee and non-interest bearing) checking account, although the MASSB Foundation could establish a long-term endowment account if a local board’s circumstances warrant that.

Whom to Contact with Questions

Please contact any of the three trustees of the MASSB Foundation:

1. Chris Cummings, Calvert County -- community member.

2.  Ken White, Revere Bank -- community member.

3.  Sam Williams, Prince George's County -- community member.

4.  Caroline Kirchner, Queen Anne's County -- MASSB’s treasurer.
Paul Stearns, Queen Anne's County -- community member.

Mark Poerio, Esq. -- MASSB’s Pro Bono Legal Counsel (also “Custodian” of the MASSB Foundation's records). 

MASSB’s trustees are responsible for appointing, monitoring, and replacing the trustees of the MASSB Foundation, in all cases pursuant to a trust agreement that governs its operation (copy available
on request).

  MASSB Foundation