Maryland Family Assistance Funds

Resolutions for Local Board

to Approve Fundraising Committee


The undersigned, being a member of the Board of Directors (the “Board”) of the ______ County Department of Social Services (the “DSS”), hereby attests that the Board duly approved the following resolutions at a meeting held on __________ ___, _____:

WHEREAS, the Maryland Association of Social Services Boards (“MASSB”) has established the MASSB Foundation in order to enable local DSS Boards to collect tax-deductible contributions for tax exempt purposes; and

WHEREAS, the Board desires to authorize a program under which the Board will engage in raising funds for deposit in the MASSB Foundation;

NOW THEREFORE, the Board of Directors for the _____ County Department of Social Services hereby authorizes and directs that --

1.  The Board shall establish a Fundraising Committee consisting of the following Board members who shall serve at the pleasure of the Board: _________________, _____________, and _________________.

2.  The fund for which contributions should be directed shall be known as the ___________________Fund (e.g., Harford Co. Family Assistance Fund).

3.  Any withdrawal request that our Board sends to the MASSB Foundation must be signed by one [OR two] of the above-named Board members.

4.  All correspondence to be sent to our Board with respect to the MASSB Foundation should be sent to:

_________, ________<title>

_________ County Department of Social Services

<Street Address>

<City, State, Zip>

  5.  Email addresses for all who should receive reports: _____________@_____.___; 

    _____________@_____.___ ; and _____________@_____.___.

EXECUTED this ____ day of ________________, ____.

    Printed Name: ___________________                      Witnessed by:

    Signature: _______________________                       Printed Name: _________________

                                                                                         Signature: ____________________

    Title with Board: _________________                          Title with Board: _______________