Maryland Family Assistance Funds

Form B: Deposits
   >>> See the Model Deposit Transmittal Form below for sending donations to the MASSB Foundation's Trustee.

  • For faster processing: Just contact Mark if you want to make deposits directly into the MASSB Foundation's account at M&T. This would require your follow-up by sending Mark a PDF of the deposit slip and a PDF of any expenses paid through reduction of the amount you deposit (such as fundraising expenses for an event that resulted in donations).  If you follow this approach, your transmittal email to me should include the PDFs and explain the total amounts shown in the receipts. Something like this is perfect for the transmittal email: 
    • "Attached is a deposit slip for $___. The total revenue from our fundraising event was $____, and we paid a total of $___ for related expenses (as shown in the attached PDF of receipts)."

  • ALSO: For having a local board establish its own checking account for handling local disbursements, see this Bank Form Letter.


Deposit Transmittal Form: Dated _______ __, 20__


Mark Poerio, Trustee
MASSB Foundation
103 Market Street
Annapolis, MD 21401

            Re:       Deposit for MASSB Foundation

Dear Mark:

Enclosed for deposit in the MASSB Foundation, in a sub-account for the _______ County Department of Social Services (DSS), are checks payable to the MASSB Foundation (and/or the _________________________) in the total amount of $________.   Also enclosed (unless already on file with you) are our certified resolutions approving our sub-account.  We understand that you will now –

* invest the enclosed deposits in a short-term checking account, with our account not sharing earnings or banking expenses.

Note: we have checked here [__] in order to request information about establishing a long-term pooled endowment account under which our account would share in allocations of earnings and expenses;

*   (if not already done) establish an account within the MASSB Foundation, in the name of our county DSS; and

*   distribute funds from our sub-account only upon our written request  in accordance with our board-approved resolutions, subject to our obligation to provide you with representations establishing a tax-exempt use for funds being requested.

Please send a receipt for this deposit to our Board using the following email addresses for all who should receive reports: _____________@_____.___; _____________@_____.___ ; and _____________@_____.___.

We understand the trustees of the MASSB Foundation will be sending us regular reports in which you set forth the value of our account, and all account activity.

Best regards,

Signature:        _____________________         

Printed Name: ______________________