[County] County DSS Board of Directors
Fundraising Committee



Charitable Purposes – any project, program, or need that is not otherwise funded by a federal, state, county, or other governmental or municipal body, and that involves:

-       Protecting children against abuse or neglect

-       Preserving families against violence or breakdown

-       Enabling vulnerable children and adults to obtain emergency housing, medical care or supplies, or other services associated with promoting their survival or self-sufficiency

-       Providing reasonable assistance that advances any of the above in any regard deemed within the purview of either a Local Board or MASSB without replacing existing funded services.


Donated Funds – all contributions made to the MASSB Foundation for the DSS account, including Earmarked Funds and all proceeds from fundraising efforts, but excluding Endowment Funds.


DSS – [County] County Department of Social Services


Earmarked Funds – contributions made to the [County] DSS Foundation specifically for its endowment account, including any funds received through specific bequests.


General Rule

During each calendar year, the [County] County DSS Board of Directors (“Board”) will disburse funds for charitable purposes that best advance and promote the DSS mission and Boards’ fundraising efforts

-       At least ___% of all Donated Funds provided that Earmarked Funds will be disbursed only for their specified Charitable Purposes

-       Any income on Endowment Funds that the MASSB Foundation credited to the DSS account as of 31 December of the prior calendar year.



The Board shall approve disbursements only for projects, programs, and needs

-       That the DSS sponsors or co-sponsors for Charitable Purposes within [County] County

-       That the DSS Executive Director recommends for approval


 Disbursement Guidelines, Continued








Requests for disbursements from the DSS account within the MASSB Foundation will be made to the DSS Executive Director, and must be made through a written application (or email) identifying

-       The amount requested

-       The proposed expenditure

-       Any time constraint for approval and release of the requested funds

-       How the disbursement will qualify as serving Charitable Purposes


The Fundraising Committee will evaluate all disbursement requests that the DSS Executive Director forwards for consideration, although the Board may consider and act on any request if the DSS Executive Director presents a request for Board action.


The Fundraising Committee will provide the Board with recommendations at least twice per year (generally in May and November), or more often at the Fundraising Committee’s discretion.


The Board alone will authorize disbursements, only for Charitable Purposes.


The Board’s Chair or Treasurer shall be authorized to communicate with the MASSB Foundation and any custodian of its assets in order to make Board-approved disbursements.



Approved by

The Board of Directors of the [County] County Department of Social Services, at a duly held meeting on ________  ___, 20__, with these Guidelines being effective immediately.



Certified by

____________________________, Board Chair             _____________20_


____________________________, Treasurer                 _____________20__


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