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The Sandy Spring Bank Award

Award for Innovative Social Services Programs
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Creativity, coupled with compassion and commitment, all in the in face of scarce resources, has fostered the development of innovative programs by County Departments of Social Services (DSS). The Sandy Spring Bank Award for Innovative Social Services is MASSB’s opportunity to recognize these efforts while providing a platform for departments to share these efforts with one another. 

Awarded annually as part of the MASSB Annual Conference, each local DSS is invited to nominate itself, with the award criteria focusing on honoring the most innovative programs implemented in the past year to provide DSS services. These do not have to be Board-led or Board-initiated projects. 


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How to Apply
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To nominate a program/initiative, please submit a 1-2 page description, including families /staff impacted, cost of activity, any resulting cost/time savings, and likelihood for replication. Nominees should be prepared to make a presentation highlighting the program/initiative during the MASSB annual conference. Information can be sent to Trustee[at]

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The Award

The Sandy Spring Bank Award includes a monetary allocation to the recipients MASSB Foundation account. For 2020, the award for First Place is $1,000, Second Place $600, Third Place $400. 

Past Recipients
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2021 Innovative Program Awards

2020 Innovative Program Awards


2019 Innovative Program Awards


2017 Innovative Program Awards


2016 Innovative Program Awards


2015 Innovative Program Awards 

2014 Innovative Program Awards

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