MASSB Foundation

Maryland Association of Social Service Boards (MASSB)

General Purpose: 

  •  MASSB is a component fund of the MASSB Foundation, with its purpose being as follows (quoting from Article II of MASSB's Bylaws):
    • ​​​​​To serve and advise local, state and federal elected officials on policies affecting the people served by the local Boards of Social Services,
    • To cooperate with others in furtherance of the objectives of this organization,
    • To act as a focal point for the concerns and education of the local Boards about matters of social welfare that involve family preservation and/or the protection of children and vulnerable adults, 
    • To evaluate, sponsor and support legislation, rules and regulations, provided that such lobbying activities shall never constitute a substantial part of the MASSB Foundation’s activities, nor shall they ever be performed to an extent that could reasonably be expected to jeopardize or to draw into question the MASSB Foundation’s tax-exempt status under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended,
    • To promote the general welfare of the people served by Local Departments of Social Services, and
    • To promote and coordinate the statewide efforts of the MASSB Foundation. 

Current Officers (as of 10/18/2018):

  • Chair: Paul Stearns - Queen Anne's County
  • Vice-Chair: William Patton - Calvert County
  • Treasurer: Dan Kirchner - Queen Anne's County
  • Secretary: ​Marquette Rogers - Montgomery County
  • Executive Director (assisting board): Susan Coppage - Queen Anne's County

     To contact any officer, just send an email to  


  • See this PDF for the current Bylaws governing the role of MASSB, as approved by local boards at their annual meeting held on 10/18/2018.