The MASSB Foundation was formed in 2007 in order to allow members of the public to make tax-deductible contributions to support social services programs and projects sponsored, but not funded by, local Departments of Social Services within Maryland.


Each of Maryland’s 23 counties has a Department of Social Services ("DSS"), as does the City of Baltimore.  Each DSS has a common mission focused on providing  child and adult protective services, family preservation, cash assistance (formerly known as welfare), and emergency housing, medical and critical care assistance.


Each county has a Local Board that consists entirely of unpaid volunteers who serve as a conduit between the citizenry and the local DSS.  Because the different DSS jurisdictions  regularly  face funding and budgetary constraints for programs that advance charitable DSS Purposes, the MASSB Foundation serves as a central vehicle for each Local Board to receive charitable contributions to fund charitable activities of their community that are not governmentally funded. 


The Local Boards provide valuable public services. For instance, many of them have established programs providing counseling and education services to at-risk families, including supervised visitations for children that have been removed from their homes; assistance with supplies and services for the elderly; summer camps and school clothing and supplies for vulnerable children; and parenting, education and job placement services, which serve to help prevent homelessness and improve self-sufficiency for vulnerable individuals and families.  Together, the Local Boards provide services to over 2,000 individuals each year.


To provide financial assistance to support at risk families, children and vulnerable adults. 


We envision a quality of life in the state of Maryland in which individuals and families achieve self-sufficiency and are safe from abuse, neglect and financial distress.


The Foundation is 100% volunteer, meaning--

  • There are no administrative charges; 0% overhead.

  • 100% of donations are used for local family aide programs within Maryland.

  • 100% of the net proceeds from fundraising events are likewise used for local aide programs.

MASSB’s trustees are responsible for appointing, monitoring, and replacing the trustees of the MASSB Foundation, in all cases pursuant to a trust agreement that governs its operation




Board President

Marquette Rogers


Vice President

Carolina Mejia

Board Treasurer



Board Secretary

Melissa  Teitelbaum

Board Asst. Secretary

Chris Cummings

Foundation Chair

Mark Poerio

MASSB Foundation Treasurer

Susan Coppage

MASSB Liaison

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