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Volunteers with Donation Boxes

Fundraising with MASSB Foundation

Fundraising Ideas

The trustees of the MASSB Foundation are available to meet with local DSS boards, and will serve as a conduit for information sharing about projects.  Local boards should contact Mark Poerio for information about fundraising activities that are allowable under applicable tax laws.

Budget Approval

Local board sets an event expense budget and requests an advance from the MASSB Foundation.

Post-Event Reconciliation

Local board certifies proper use of funds and requests additional reimbursements for event expenses.

Fund Management

The advance is deposited into a DSS lay funds account by the local board for expense reimbursements.


MASSB disbursements are received and processed by the local DSS.


All donation checks are sent to the MASSB Foundation for deposit.


This method allows the MASSB Foundation to manage finances with minimal disbursements, ensuring proper tracking and expenditure.

For more information on fundraising strategies and how to get started, please click the link below:

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